MBA internship: Corp Dev or MM IB M&A (Non-NY/SF/Chicago)

I am a first-year MBA with two summer options in front of me:
1. A Corporate Development (M&A, Partnerships, Integrations) internship with a premier HR tech firm in SF.
2. A MM IB (M&A) internship doing primarily sell-side work (Non-NY/SF/Chicago). Firm does not have a tech focus.

1. Non-target MBA program in the Mid-West
2. Big 4 Consultant prior (specialized audit/consulting)

1. How hard would it be for me to do a summer in IB and then land a SF Corp Dev role for full time?
2. What are the downsides of starting straight in Corp Dev post-MBA?
3. What sort of salary could one expect from a Corp Dev manager role in SF?
4. How hard is it to land a Corp Dev role as an associate in MM banking?
5. What sort of exits are there from Corp Dev?

Any insights the community has would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Feb 5, 2019 - 10:13pm

Sounds like you have no idea what the fuck you'd want to do. If you want to do MM banking and leverage that experience for other banking roles or buyside roles down the line then do banking. If you want to do banking to do Corp dev or want to do Corp dev then do Corp dev. It's that simple.

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