MBA - Kelley, Goizueta, Owen, Jones

I have been accepted for the full-time MBA programs to Goizueta, Kelley, Jones, and Owen. I was wondering which program would provide the best network in IB and the best chances to break into IB. I understand that it will take some work, but I would prefer to go to the program that gives me better options for networking, brand name, etc. Also, I am not looking for a specific city and ER is my plan B. I passed the CFA level 1 and have worked at a large investment advisory firm for the last 2 years.

I am also wondering which program would have the most close-knit group and alumni. I visited each and they all seemed to be very friendly and know each other, but if anyone has any experience either attending these schools or working with them, the insight would be very helpful.

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