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Are you guys familiar with any MBA-level off-cycle internships for IB? I'm focusing on boutique IB firms in Chicago, but not having a lot of luck. I've been cold-emailing and networking with alumni associates/MDs on LinkedIn. I'm not directly asking them for internships, but rather just having a conversation with them on what they did, career path, etc. They're telling me I'm on the right path, but I'm not seeing any internship offers. What are some things you guys are doing? I got an opportunity at a NY boutique, but I'm not in a position to move at this point so really looking for something in Chicago.

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Jun 27, 2018

Check this out:
If you scroll to 'Regional/Boutique Banks' you'll fine a few in the Chicago area and although none explicitly have off-cycle internships advertise, many hire on a rolling basis so you can shoot them an email explaining the situation. Should help.

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Jun 27, 2018