MBA or JDMBA after pre-experience Masters (MS/MMS/MiM/etc)

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Hi everyone, I did a search on this but couldn't find any information that was posted in this or last year. If there's a thread that I somehow missed, please post it below.

I recently graduated from a pre-experience masters program in business ("soft" business, not a very quant program like a Mfin) and will be working at a decently recognized consulting firm full time (~~ second half of the top 20 firms listed on Vault). I was wondering if I would have a decent shot at being accepted into an MBA, or if I'm completely screwed over by my already having a business masters, and applying would be a waste of my time?

There are three ways that I can think of framing my situation so that it doesn't make me seem like a complete loser who doesn't know what to do with her life. The real reason that I'm thinking about applying to a MBA is #1 and kinda #2, but I wouldn't mind #3.

1. The whole reason I got a pre-exp masters is because I couldn't change my major again as a junior, so I decided to graduate a year early to essentially "change my major" to business. Although my masters gave me a broad background of business, I want to dive deep into the nuances of a specific facet of my long term field.

2. At the time that I decided to get my masters, I didn't realize that the PE/VC/similar fields pretty much require prior finance experience and thought that two years of management consulting would be sufficient "experience." I'm now hoping to apply for an Associate position at a bank to improve my technical modeling skills and to eventually progress to my long term career goals.

3. I actually want to get a JD/MBA and become a corporate lawyer (I would actually be able to write a pretty compelling personal statement on this and wouldn't mind this as a long term career. Law is a career that I've considered, but I know that with my LSAT there is no way that I would be able to get into a good law school, whereas there would be 3 law schools in the T14 that accept just the gmat score for their JD/MBA programs. Would I be able to leverage my 730 to get into law school through this indirect route, or am I still completely screwed over by already having a business masters?)

Bottom line: Am I completely screwed over, period, and shouldn't bother applying? Would any of my excuses for getting the masters and then wanting an MBA be valid? Has anyone (or know anyone) who has gone from a pre-experience masters to a MBA? How did they frame their situation?

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Jun 30,2014

I know from one of Duke's early MMS classes at least two went on to do MBAs one at Columbia and another at Wharton, I don't know many people from the early classes, but is definitely possible. I strongly suggest not going into law, big law is a harsh mistress and unlike IB or consulting, you don't have great exit opps.

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Jun 30,2014

Thanks guyfromct. I found the Columbia guy on linkedin (he seems to be doing finance --> bschool --> more finance?), any idea what the Wharton guy is doing?

Does anyone know of anybody who did pre-experience masters --> management consulting --> MBA?

Jun 30,2014

In regards to your LSAT question for JD/MBA, I would look into Northwestern. Based on my prior research they allow you to apply for their JD/MBA together with just a gmat score.

Jun 30,2014