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Hey, wanted to see if i have any chance at a US MBA? I was thinking maybe McCombs? Came from a non target uni in Canada, did bad in terms of GPA. Landed a solid job, got promoted to Manager at top4 bank. 

age: 25
sex: male
background: pakistani
CGPA: 2.77/4.33 (B-)
GPA (last two years): 3.3/4.33 (B+)
GMAT: 720 (V-42, Q-47)
Work Experience: Currently manager at top 4 bank (youngest on team) in analytics. Did two 4-month internship and one 8-month internship.

extra curricular: I do pro-bono consulting for small companies and universities in the Downtown Toronto area. 

Target: Cornell MBA, Mccombs (Texas) MBA, Western IVEY (Canada) MBA.

Since target is consulting, what other MBA do you recommend if these are unlikely? Keeping in mind, I want to get into consulting in the US

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Nov 30, 2021 - 4:39am

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