MBA thoughts/suggestions in real estate

I'm in my first year out of school at dev/acquisition shop with about 10 guys, love the atmosphere but the days become repetitive pretty quickly working with the same vanilla asset over and over again

With things heading south here (see: coronavirus, probable impending recession) I'm considering going back to school and getting an MBA and hopefully moving to a large fund on the other side of this. For those with experience, is another pile of student loans worth it in the real estate world? Will an M7 MBA really separate you from the pack when going for associate positions at large PE funds like BX, starwood, carlyle? Would I need this MBA to make the move to a large fund anyway because I come from a small shop?

Would really appreciate any thoughts and input here from anyone with more experience

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Apr 9, 2020 - 9:07pm

If you get laid off, getting an MBA or MSRE/D is not a bad idea for sure. Otherwise, I'd strongly advise keeping your job, getting more years of experience. Hiring into BX, Starwood, Carlyle, etc. isn't likely to be great in the short-term, who knows in a few years.

If you get 'slower' building your network, other skills, is a good idea (even if not slower). A part-time MBA/MSRE may be worth doing, especially if at a reasonably recognized school nearby.

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