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Currently working at a mid-sized GP investment firm that does primarily multifamily investments. Like the team and the work, but not very sure about its long term future and the size of deals we are able to execute.

I am considering an MBA in the hopes that it would help me pivot into a reputable LP firm (Bentall/GreenOak, Starwood, Blackstone, etc...) By the time I would be attending business school my experience would be 2 years capital markets brokerage and 2 years GP investments. I'm hoping that 3-4 years at a firm like this would leave me with a combination of operator/LP experience that would help me go my own way.

I would only consider business school if I got into a T-8, maybe even T-3 program. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of people using an MBA degree to pivot like so?

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Feb 21, 2020