By the end of last year I started working for one of the top MM Investment Banks in Europe. I tried to get a job in the US which was hardly possible because most of the time I was competing with Americans that graduated from ivy league universities and firms didn't want to sponsor a visa.

Actually, my plan is to do an MBA at one of the top tier Business Schools in the US (Wharton, Stanford, HBS, etc.). However, I think that it is kind of unrealistic until I don't have at least 2 years of professional work experience. After my MBA I'd like to continue my career in the PE / VC industry.

Anyways, I was wondering whether it might be a good idea to do a Master in Finance at a good school like Berkely, MIT, Columbia in order to get a job in Finance in the US quicker because that is my actual goal. However, doing an MSFin or MFE and an MBA would be redundant from my perspective and too expensive as well. On the other hand, I'm still pretty young (23) and people keep telling me I shouldn't have to hurry that much.

I'd appreciate if you shared your views with me.

thanks in advance!

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