MBB consulting in not so sexy location vs tech firm

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Hey guys,

I am considering two offers, one from an MBB consulting firm in a small international office and another one from a large tech firm in the US in a non tech position (think strategy, internal consulting). Which position would be most helpful if I want to apply to MBA? If I take the consulting offer, how easy would it be to come back to America and find jobs here if I want to? Thanks

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Apr 3, 2014

Do you want to live in the U.S. or abroad? Do you speak the local language (or that of your potential clients) for the MBB job? Family/friend/significant other considerations to take into account?

I'm actually an internal consultant at a very large tech firm, and it's not bad. Much better hours than MBB, solid pay, and great stuff to talk about in MBA applications (I'm actually headed to an M7 in the fall!).

But if I were you, I'd take the MBB offer. You'll be working a lot more for maybe a little more money, but getting international experience while you're still young is awesome. Also, I didn't take my internal consulting job until after I grinded it out in i-banking, and I don't regret it at all. Don't be afraid to bust your ass early on. You shouldn't have any issues getting work in the U.S. (assuming you won't require a work Visa/sponsorship), and you'll have a solid shot at top MBA programs.

Apr 5, 2014

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