MBB Full Time Recruiting - Undergrad

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Does anyone have any tips or resources for FT undergrad recruiting for MBB?

I have some bits and pieces of resources I've compiled online but is there anything more comprehensive anyone knows about that covers all the bases for MBB recruiting?

Can anyone also detail the FT recruiting process?


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Sep 3, 2019

I trend I noticed in my B-School that landed an unreal amount of people at MBB was:

  1. Being/speaking German
  2. Applying for an MBB DACH office

And that's how its done!

Sep 10, 2019

Similar experience, for some reason the German offices of MBB have their own recruiting sessions on campus, even though my school's in the US. I did MBB this past summer and there were a couple people from Germany on my case, and my classmate at the same MBB had a similar experience.

Sep 10, 2019

I think the trend is that Germany doesn't really have very strong B-schools. My school was in the UK and German kids who went there had no problem landing interviews. Italian and French kids still had to compete with Bocconi and HEC students from back home. Not to shit on German B-schools but the standard is generally lower that other European ones, so it's easier to have big-name pull when studying abroad.

Sep 10, 2019

Part of it is simply that the German market is comparatively much larger (i.e. on a per capita/student basis). McK and BCG hire both ~800-900 fresh people per year, Bain around ~600 and even much smaller shops like Roland Berger/ATK go for intakes of ~200-300 a year I've heard.

Sep 10, 2019

Read Case in Point and Case Interview Secrets (you can find PDFs online - they may not be the most up to date versions, but the case practice sections are fairly timeless). You don't have to read the books cover to cover, but definitely use them for practice. Otherwise, older students are your school/recent alumni in consulting probably have case practice book PDFs from B-schools that they pass down from year to year for drilling cases

Sep 12, 2019