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TL;DR: how can you go from being an implementation consultant to a strategy consultant at an MBB firm? How easy/hard is it to do this?

Hi folks,

I'm applying to MBB as an Experienced Hire. My recruiter told me that I seem more suited for the firm's implementation consultant position. I am open to taking the position if accepted. However, in case implementation consulting does not work out for me, how can I go from being an implementation consultant to the firm's general strategy consultant? And how likely is something like this to occur?

Thank you!

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Jun 27, 2020

You could probably do it, but I'm not sure what your goal is. Implementation consultants are no different from the generalists. They just have more experience (especially in operations) in most cases. They can still do strategy work. You'd be held to the same standards, so if one path doesn't work out for you, the other likely won't either.

Jun 27, 2020