MBB internship in home country but trying to gain full time position in London

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I am an STEM student at Oxbridge college but a native of a North Western European country (think Nodics, Netherland, Belgium etc). This summer I am undertaking an internship at a MBB office in my home country. However, due to both personal (my girlfriend is UK-based) and professional (London being arguably the financial center of the world) reasons I am looking to convert this internship into an offer not at the office where I am undertaking the internship but in London. This raises some questions:

1: How sensitive is this topic? Is this something I can raise with consultants/hr (with good judgement of course) or do I need to keep this downlow until I receive an offer?
2: How should I position myself to maximise my chance of gaining an offer for London rather than the office where I am doing the internship?
3: How would I do this practically? Should I speak with the London office or my home office? Should my point of contact be my supervisor, hr or someone else?


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Aug 4, 2018

It's not too sensitive in general but London MBB offices are more competitive than others so they may make a fuss because of that. You can't position yourself any better now, the best thing to do would be to bring it up with your home office towards the end of the internship if you convert it to full time and you'll either be able to simply transfer or will have to apply internally.

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Aug 5, 2018

Thanks for the advice.

Aug 6, 2018