MBB Internship Rejection --> FT Offer: How'd You Do It?

Q: For those of you who were rejected by MBB for the internship recruiting cycle but received offers for FT, how'd you do it? What went better the second time around? What did you do differently leading up to FT recruiting? (ex. reflection you did after the internship recruiting cycle, networking, case prep, etc.). Would love to hear your story.

Context: I'm an undergrad student at a target school with a top 10% GPA (satisfying what the firms are looking for academically) and strong ECs. I got interviews with BCG and Bain (not McK), but was rejected by BCG after the final round and rejected by Bain after the first round. Feeling pretty comfortable about getting the interviews again for FT recruiting (bc of the networking I did for internship recruiting and the conversations I've had with people at the firms since the rejections).

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Mar 4, 2020 - 9:38pm

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