MBB Knowledge analyst applying to Oxford/LSE/Imperial - looking to switch to IB/VC/PE

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Hi all.
I'm currently working as a junior specialist in BCG Knowledge in India for their private equity practice. I'm looking at MSc Finance in the UK and my target schools are Oxford, LSE and Imperial. I'm also thinking of applying to MIT Sloan.
1) BCG Knowledge is back-end and not client facing, will this be a disadvantage while applying to these schools?
2) post my masters I plan to switch to finance - IB or VC. How tough will it be to do this without any IB/VC experience?

Any other advice on how I can switch from my current role (which is mostly research and curation based) to finance is welcome! Will CFA help? Or quitting my job and interning at a VC?

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Jun 29, 2018