MBB Office Transfer Timeline

As a new hire at an MBB office in the midwest, at what point in my time at the firm is it possible to transfer offices? Is it easier within the same region? If I do 2 years, have MBB pay for my MBA, and come back for 2, can those 2 post-MBA be at a new office?

I understand it is much easier to do so if you are a top performer, as with anything. Thanks!

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Dec 13, 2016

Why didn't you just apply to the office you wanted in the first place?

Plenty switch post-MBA to new offices. You can switch before if you are a strong performer with a valid reason to do so (NOT "I want a more prestigious office huhuhu")

Dec 13, 2016

It would have nothing to do with prestige. More of a change of scenery. I love the current office I will be in, and there were and are life reasons that I did, but was just wondering for down the line what opportunities there are. Thank you for the response.

Dec 13, 2016

Some if not all MBBs offer you the opportunity to switch office for some time (say, 6 months) in order to add some diversity to your experience. That could be an idea if you like your current office but would just like to try something out. Obviously, some offices are more competitive to transfer into than others (usually NYC, SF, London).

Dec 19, 2016