MBB Post-MBA to PE - what to do

Hi all,
I am about to complete my MBA at a top 10 but non-M7 b-school and landed a job at MBB in Chicago. I am interested in going into PE after a few years. I have had no deals experience pre-MBA. My questions below:

Deal team
1. Firstly, I know it is extremely hard to break into the deal team with my background, but can you give some advice as to what I can do to improve my chances?

Portfolio or operations team
I understand this is much easier to get into for a consultant. My questions are:
2. what sort of projects should I undertake whilst at Bain to better myself for this role?
3. What sort of networking should I be doing now to position myself for this in the future?

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Feb 28,2018

Currently at MBB (leaving this summer for a pre MBA PE deal team role). I haven't seen anyone make that jump post MBA, but my guess is in order to do so, you'd want to do as many DDs as you can at Bain, and work to develop relationships with the senior folks who could introduce you to potential opportunities they might be aware of.

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Feb 28,2018

I would like to know the answer. I am Post-MBA consultant (BA) working for some investment management firm and now want to move to PE/HF side.

Feb 28,2018