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To the consultants who are already in the industry, does anyone know how each of the MBBs rank by practice area (either industry-wise or function-wise)? In other words, which practice areas is each of the MBB best known for? (eg. M's strongest practice areas are industries ABC. B's strongest areas are XYZ... OR, leader in industry X is M, leader in industry Y is B, etc.)

I know that Vault has recenlty released a consulting firm ranking by practice area, but that ranking doesn't include many client industries. I'm looking for more specific industry/function practice area ranking.

Any comments are welcome! Many thanks!

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Jul 17, 2011

from what I hear.... (I might be wrong)
Bain+Mck has better PE
Mck+BCG has better Health/Bio

if that helps? are you looking for a particular area?

Jul 17, 2011