MBB Sophomore Year; how to network for junior year?

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I currently attend a fairly prestigious school (non-US), top 20 worldwide. I study economics & accounting & my GPA is above a 3.7. For my freshman year, I interned at a big 4 company in their management consulting department at a European location, and for my sophomore year (this summer) I will be at a European MBB office for 3 months.

Thing is, I don't necessarily want to do consulting and am only going for the MBB because I wasn't even offered an interview by any of the BB offices (other than one semi-prestigious bank's middle office position). I want to set up a good internship at a BB for next summer, but I'm worried about my chances if I don't build any network and just apply through the portal as I did for this summer. As it stands, I don't really know anyone in any BB office, and I want to break into the London market, if possible, where I know even less people. How would you recommend I plan my move into a BB office in London, and how could I start networking?

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Jan 29, 2019