MBB vs. PM (google, FB) vs. Biz Rotation

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Hi all,

I am currently going through full time recruiting and have a few offers. One as a business analyst for McKinsey, one for google's APM program, and one for Facebook's RPM program. Beyond this I plan to apply to a few business rotation programs like Dropbox's, and I am fairly confident I can get that offer.

Long term, my goal is to work in mid-size, growth stage tech companies in a high impact role. This may be product, or it may be strategy/marketing/bizDev - I am not quite sure what I would be best at and enjoy the most right now.

My question is which of these opportunities will best prepare me for that type of role? The PM programs give me the most technical experience but the least business oriented experience, the MBB offer gives me access to the widest range of types of business problems and solutions but is somewhat far removed from tech, and the dropbox program gives me business experience in a tech company but I am not sure whether it is as well received and "prestigious" as the other options.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 10, 2015

It's easier to go MBB > Tech than the inverse and if you have a science/engineering education you are more likely to be staffed on tech cases, so you can still get exposure to the kinds of problems you're most interested in.

If you KNEW you wanted to be a product manager than I would suggest Google or Facebook, but since you're somewhat unsure I would suggest MBB, as you can always make the move to one of the elite tech firms later in your career (Sundar Pichai is a McKinsey alum).

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Sep 11, 2015