McGladrey Technology Consulting Vs. IBM Supply Chain

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this but I'm graduating soon from a non target, but reputable state business school. I am looking at two offers that I am having trouble deciding on and I need some help from you all.

A little background on my long term goals: I want to go to an Ivy League for MBA so I know a strong company brand matters. I also want to move into banking as soon as possible.

IBM pays about $5,000 more but the position doesn't really excite me because the office culture is very old and it is mostly a desk job. I would be negotiating deals, analyzing markets behind a computer and using some database management skills. I could eventually move into consulting for them and have a great career.

McGladrey is not as big of a company but still a good brand. Pays less, but I would be using tech skills (which are in high demand now) regularly, modeling and have exposure to mid market. It is right in the city.

Both jobs are in NY.

Which job would allow me to achieve my goals most efficiently?