McK/B/BCG Investment Management - Seriously!

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Hey all,

So I have a second round interview with an internal investment management subsidiary of McKinsey/Bain/BCG, This group manages the money for many of its partners and clients. The job would be a mix of quantitative modeling and hedge fund risk analysis. Basically, evaluating the economy and creating models for that evaluation and evaluating hedge funds and other good investments.

For a well respected company like McK/B/BCG: is this a good start to a career? (entry-level)
What are the exit opportunities here?
How would this be looked at for top 10 B-Schools?

Any insight on related experience, or relevant knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!

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Aug 27, 2010

You do realise that McK/B/BCG is not one company, yes? So which one is it?

Aug 27, 2010

i'd rather not say... if you have any insight on any those 3 companies internal investment management, i would appreciate that!

Aug 27, 2010

wouldn't bain just use bain cap for IM?

Aug 28, 2010

I recognize the posting you applied to, and I don't know much about the prestige or exit opportunities. But I do know that there is one entry on for the exact same job with a 43k salary...very disappointing. If you just google the company (full name, not acronym) and position title, that comes up as the first result.

Aug 31, 2010


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