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Do any of you guys know anything about the McKinsey Cleveland office? I know they are a smaller office (but don't know how small) and that they do a lot of product development work - besides that, don't know much else. If anyone could chime in about the following, that would be great:

  • Office size/culture
  • Practice areas (lots of operations work?)
  • Any other important things to consider

Also, there seems to be a definite bias on WSO against smaller markets - is this a product of uninformed opinions or is there some truth to it? In general, my guess is that the quality (but maybe not culture) of different offices within firms is pretty similar, and what really affects exit options/overall experience is the work and ability of the individual. That could be a bit more idealistic than the reality though, so if anyone has first-hand experience or just a strong opinion haha, please feel free to contribute.

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Feb 25, 2012

I spent some time in another Midwest McK office and your comments on it being a medium sized office (50-75 consultants) with strong product development and ops practices are correct. Each office's culture varies based on a host of factors and I found my colleagues in Cleveland to be very sharp, friendly and down to earth. Being in a medium sized office can be an advantage as you build stronger relationships with those in your home office who then are pounding the table for your promotions.

Staffing is done on a regional basis, so you have very similar opportunities to others across MW offices. There was less in town work in Cleveland than Chicago, as you'd expect. In terms of exit opportunities, it's been my experience that the office geography doesn't come into play as you look at exit options in other cities.

Hope this helps!

Feb 27, 2012