McKinsey second round (Non US office)

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Hey guys,

Can anyone share some insight on McK second round interviews? Are they harder than the first round or should I expect the same more or less? Did you guys feel you were grilled more since this was the final round and given by principals/partners? Are cases, for example, harder to solve and talk about?

Thanks in advance!


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Oct 30, 2008

They aren't any harder in my opinion. The typical McK prep applies. The only thing to be somewhat concerned about is if one of the senior people gives you a case that's totally out of left field where none of the frameworks are appropriate. Then you really have to think on your feet. Beyond that, just be prepared to talk for awhile.

Oct 31, 2008

Thanks Computerblue!

Just had my second round and they were exactly like what you said...No frameworks, structures were applicable and I actually found them harder than my first round. Turns out there is one more round to go if i pass...Damn long process.

Nov 6, 2008