MD Couldn’t Make It - Handed Interview to Someone Else?

Hey guys,

I finished a phone interview that went super well on my part (hit my technicals, brought up relevant economic factors when discussing the sector, asked specific questions about company's recent activity in the sector) but I'm disappointed because the MD couldn't make it due to a last minute issue. The step-in interviewer (less senior) was very apologetic on the bank's behalf, but she explained that she was not prepared to add this to her schedule so I could hear her answering texts/emails in the background as I answered questions. She was also from a completely different team and from a different office than the position will be located. Our personalities vibed but I recognize that I'm at a disadvantage. The other candidates already have a connection with the guy actually making the decision. If I get dinged, I want it to be from the MD, not my interviewer whose standards may be different. And because the MD didn't meet me, he could disregard my interviewer's positive recommendation in favor of a candidate he personally vetted.

This was my dream job and dream company (MM with great position in my sector), and I'm just bummed that I didn't get an opportunity to present my best self to my potential boss regardless of the outcome.

Anyone have this problem before?

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Jun 11, 2021 - 6:22pm

It sounds like they threw you under the bus. Is this  your last interview or are there more?

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