MD of Boutique Told Me To Follow Up With Him The Following Week - I Did With a Phone Call and An Email...Now What?

I got the chance to sit down in front of an MD and he told me to follow up with him the following week since he's flying out to a different city and he wouldn't have time to speak with me.

I waited until the exact day he told me to follow up with him. I called him twice. Once in the morning, and the second time late in the afternoon and left him a vm. The following morning at 7:30 AM I followed up with an email reminding him of our previous conversation, that he told me to follow up, and that I am doing so.

No dice.

What do I do now? Should I follow up with an email/phone call once a week until I catch him? I don't think he's purposefully ignoring me, but I do want him to know that I still care to follow up and would obviously like to continue our convo.

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Dec 4, 2018

just wait now. you've done all you can do. you can send him another email in a couple weeks to follow up once more, but after that, I'd leave it and cut your losses.

also, in my opinion you should have not called him. when he initially told you to follow up you should have sent him an email to request scheduling a call, not call him directly. this can come off as if you do not respect his time and are assuming he's free to speak to you whenever you call. also, 730am seems extremely early to me and you are running the risk of disturbing his morning (if he's a big shot MD chances are he's sleeping and won't come into work until 10am). if he specifically told you to call at 730am and did not pick up, you shouldn't have called again in the afternoon - you should have just followed up with an email. given what you have done, he may think you are needy and simply disrespectful of his time.

Dec 4, 2018

Very valid points and some of my friends have brought that up as well. But, given my experience with him, he seemed very laid back and happy to chat with me. He even commended me on my approach and liked the courage I displayed to be able to walk into an office and ask for an MD the way that I did, so I don't think I annoyed him (yet) which is why I want to avoid that to begin with.

Dec 4, 2018

Keep doing it. People don't mind, and he probably keeps forgetting. Personally, I like it when kids call that avidly because it shows they are hungry/dedicated.

Dec 4, 2018