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I currently work in investment banking in an Oil & Gas industry group. When I started, my fellow analysts provided me with a few research reports to help get familiar with the industry, as I knew very little about it. These reports (one from DB, one from UBS) were fairly large (200-300 pages) and had very little information regarding individual equities in the sector. They were more focused on an overall overview of the sector, how it works, different classes of companies within the industry and how companies within the industry are typically valued.

I was wondering if any of you working in other groups have run across reports like this in the Media sector. I would be interested in knowing who released them and when so I could obtain a copy of anything similar.

Also, are there any media boutiques that provide research on the sector? I'm not familiar with boutiques that focus on this sector, but I guess banks analogous to Tudor Pickering or Tristone in Oil & Gas, but in Media.

Can anyone help me on either front?

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Jun 17, 2009



ContentNext Media, Inc.

Also, I don't work in banking. Not sure how helpful these two sources will be for you.

Jun 17, 2009

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