Medical School Dropout, Looking to Eventually Get into VC (a long, lucky, and laborious eventually)

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What a whirlwind of sh** to get to where I am now. I don't believe being a dropout at a top-20 medical school is any sort of leverage in most job-hunting situations so I tend to leave that out. Definitely not something to be proud of. But for the sake of showing the degree of pivot here, I am happy to share.

So I realized medicine was not for me. I am looking to get into a career in finance, specifically VC (I understand this is not an easy or common achievement even working from finance traditionally and starting younger). In the now, I enjoy consulting and have built a pretty decent niche knowledge of health care regulations and health tech. I have just under 2 years experience in consulting and/or strategy operations. I was a MINOR in business as an undergraduate (2016 grad) and don't have too much explicit finance experience (i.e. IB analyst, associate, etc). I do have a small model for a "startup" involving digital health - this would take a lot of effort and luck to manifest, however.

My plan now is to apply to several good MBA programs. Therefore, the soonest I could be enrolled in one of those programs is next year. I have this 10-12 month space in the mean time. I would like to hear some suggestions on what I could fill this with in order to get pre-MBA competence in the financial sector. Even with the consulting experience, I have severe doubts on landing an IB or especially any sort of PE role. Is getting into PE even possible without an undergraduate degree in finance? The consulting experience is unfortunately not at a Big 10 or a firm but was at least a large company. Is there a route that I could pick up skills? Would trying to land a higher consulting role be my best bet at this point? Was thinking of pivoting to project management but this might steer me further from finance and my ultimate goal. Another option could be working for a startup, though I am not sure how that could be leveraged outside of gaining some inside knowledge of startup operations.

Man, typing this out almost feels like I am asking for a "roast me". Please forgive the inexperience, hopefully I can better piece together my plan when all is said and done.

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Oct 6, 2019