Mention work experience from closed hedge fund?

I am interviewing for a internal sales position at pimco tommorow. I have been with ML for the last 2 years. I started in there FADP program but was placed on PPP loans once covid started. Prior to that I was doing really well in the mortgage industry. I got all of my licenses while i have been at ML, but we were put on a prospecting pause, and PPP loans so I dont have much relevant exposure to sales there. I was reached out to from a hedge fund in LA and went to visit the shop and the owner invited me to a position there. I was unsure of my career at ML so i started to do some work for him and he flew me to NY for the opening of the fund on the Nasdaq. I spoke with investors that were present and he let me know when we returned from the trip that I had "sold" the main investor and he was now bankrolling the entire fund launch and he offered me a position. I accepted a position from him upon our return but never transferred licenses or quit ML. a few weeks later some accusation's were made that he stole money and no one has heard from him since and the fund has their lawyer as website homepage. I dont know whether to mention this or not bcause my experience i have with doing ppp doesnt really apply. I have mentioned it in past interviews and it seems to bring more questions then anything, but I am worried my work experience isn't up to par with pimco standards. I do not have the hedge fund on my resume.

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