Mentioning people in a cover letter

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Is it ok to mention names (not necessarily references) of people you have spoken to at networking events? For example, if I spoke to a director at an event and they encouraged me to compete in an IB comp, which I did, is it ok to mention them even though they might not remember my name but will remember my face?

Also, is it ok for campus events, but where you didn't directly speak with people? E.g. As a freshman I attended a JPM event and heard from "John" and "Jamie" about the opportunities at JPM which sparked my interest in the firm.

I've just read that you should ask permission to mention names, but that's more for referrals and what i'm doing is not necessarily a referral, so i'm not sure if I should ask as well.

My point is to show that I have had exposure to the firm, but I also don't want to sound like a try hard, and wonder if people in HR even know who i'm referencing.