Merrill Lynch FA Intern?

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Hey guys, so far I've had no luck with getting an internship at boutiques. I called a ML branch and spoke with a lady and ended up sending her my resume. She mentioned they hire interns on a "FA to FA" basis. Am I correct in assuming we would be interning for a specific financial advisor? Also, how closely would I work with wealth/Asset Management? I've read it's the usual busy work type stuff, I'm trying to think of how I could "bankerfy" this on my resume should I land the gig


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Apr 8, 2011

Totally. You can build DCF models to substantiate long term price targets for 100 share stock trades. In addition, your cold calling (with script of course) will say to future interviewers you have the tenacity to do whatever it takes.

Apr 8, 2011

Everyone knows what an FA does and what an FA internship entails. We've all had one fresh/soph year of school, it's a good way to break in. It's usually unpaid.

It's really what you make of it. From my experience, the guys didn't guide me much and I was left to produce ideas and work on my own. Also, they generally will be willing to back whatever story you make of what you did. Within reason obviously.

Apr 10, 2011

^^^Same experience here. Sometimes they may have contacts in other industries and they might help you land an interview. Happened to one of my friends. PWM at ML was his first and only internship, his boss recommended him for an interview at BAML IB. Few weeks later he got an offer for that position.

Apr 10, 2011

Better than summer classes I suppose

Will this be a 40+ hour or a 12-20 hour type internship? Also will I only get 3 credit hours if i do the academic internship?

I'm going to check tomorrow at my school, but just wondering what was others experiences

Apr 10, 2011