MF Direct Lending to MF PE

Has anyone ever seen someone move from doing Direct Lending at a MF to PE at another MF/UMM fund? Realize it's a lot harder than you think to make the switch, just trying to get a feel on how difficult it is. Thanks.

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Dec 24, 2018

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Jan 7, 2019


Jan 7, 2019

Not sure about switching firms, but an associate in credit at Apollo switched over to the PE team.

Jan 9, 2019

how'd he do it?

Jan 10, 2019

Generally, from what I've seen, this is very tough to do. Credit guys tend to get pigeonholed as credit guys, because people on the equity side think what they do is so much more advanced / difficult. In some cases this is true (running third-party diligence processes, more detailed modeling, much more extensive diligence, being able to think about growth, etc.), but it's not brain surgery we're talking about here...that's just the perception. However, that perception can make it tough to jump from credit, especially direct lending, to equity unless you do it early on in your career and are willing to repeat your associate years. I've only seen one guy do it successfully, but he came from a mezz / distressed background.

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Jan 7, 2019