MFin vs. MSF; Vanderbilt, BC, Tulane

So I've been admitted to Tulane's MFin and Bostons Colleges MSF, I'm waiting to hear from Vanderbilt about their MSF but do have an interview. Which program is the best? Is there any different between MSF and MFin in terms of a better degree or better for a particular career? I'm trying to make a decision soon, especially since Tulane starts in July, should I choose to go there. Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated!

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May 5, 2010 - 9:11pm

Depends on your fit, but I was admitted to BC MSF and decided against it . Check out some of my previous posts if you want to know more, but basically BC MSF's career prospects didn't seem too good for newbies such as me. But obviously, it's not necessarily the same for you depending on where you are in your career. About Tulane, did think about applying, but didn't really like the program. From you list, I'd say Vanderbilt is the best, probably the best 2nd tier MSF program in US (ie. 1st tier MIT, Princetion). You could also think of applying to European schools, there are lot of good ones out there.

May 5, 2010 - 10:04pm

I think BC is pretty solid. I mean if you like the Boston area. Vandy is solid for sure. I would say this, if you are going to get a MFin go to NYU or Princeton or something similar.

May 6, 2010 - 5:48pm

So I had my Vandy interview today, and I should hear back in a few weeks. I'm leaning towards Vanderbilt for the most part if I do get in because of everything I've heard of about Boston recruiting not being great for people with less experience, and I've heard Tulane is really only good to get into energy trading down south. I'm looking to get an analyst position at a respected MM firm in somewhere like Chicago or NY. I've seen how the schools place people, but I'm wondering if anyone graduated from either program or or knows somehow who did. I'd like to get a little first hand knowledge from someone rather than base my decision off whichever school appears more convincing on their own websites.

Anyways, deposit for Tulane is due on May 15th, only $500 so I'm going to send it in regardless. But BC is due May 25th for $1500, so I'm hoping to have heard from Vandy by then and hopefully be able to make a decision. I'd love to hear any additional thoughts people may have.
Thanks for those who already responded and thanks to everyone else in advance!

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