Fortunate to have two offers for junior summer. One is from a MF (think SL, KKR, VEP), and another is from a BB/EB (GS, LAZ, PJT). I've never had an IB internship before, so is it helpful to get one summer of experience? 

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Jun 14, 2021 - 9:16pm

My two cents: Take the MFPE. Both open the same amount of doors but they are definitely different. It's ultimately easier to recognize it's not for you and then pivot back into banking rather than kicking yourself in the future for not taking the opportunity.


Maybe you don't want buy-side. There are multiple posts on this site that go over the buy-side in detail, and it may not be for you, the optionality in banking is definitely fantastic, but even better if you were going to a full-service bb rather than an advisory only eb. Definitely think about the decision deeply and have conversations, and trust me, the decision will appear to be more obvious after you have made it.

Good spot to be in, I was in a very similar one (pm me for more info if you'd like) Good luck!

Btw: most people in banking want to pursue a MFPE shop. If you have the opportunity to bypass the banking years and go directly to one, what's holding you? You're saving some competition. Also depends on group placement…

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