I checked out both - WSO's new version is more comprehensive that the older version, but M&I is just nuts. M&I has a lot more questions and covers a pretty wide spectrum of materials. So my question is - is WSO not sufficient or is M&I going overboard?

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wso is sufficient and way cheaper

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I would use just WSO if you are studying something other than finance; if you have been studying finance in undergrad, however, I think the bar for technicals is a bit higher, and it might be worth your while to study up on the more comprehensive M&I.


WSO Guides are top notch. You most likely won't need anything else.

No such thing as overdoing it. Buy the WSO guides first, if you still don't feel strong, do M&I

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I've used the M&I interview guide and found it to be very comprehensive, although there were still questions I've gotten in interviews that weren't on there. I haven't seen the WSO version.

Has anyone used the WSO networking guide? I've been thinking of getting it while it's one sale.


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