Michigan (Ross) (LA satellite campus) v USC (Marshall) EMBA programs

I've been accepted to the Michigan (Ross) Los Angeles satellite campus as well as USC Marshall. So far I am leaning towards accepting Ross as the LA campus (held at a top notch hotel), students, format (heavy experiential) and class visit were quite impressive.

USC on the other hand is a private school where the network tends to be die-hard loyal and they have connections in entertainment. In getting my degree I hope to open doors into areas like management consulting or into parts of tech where I have not yet worked.

Top-ranked - impressive reputation (not quite M7 but in striking distance by some measures)
Top notch students
Team project - includes a 4-month project working on real-world business solutions
Once a month format - perfect for full-time
Location - the LA satellite is actually more well located than Marshall which is way dowtown (hell coming from the Westside)
Highly recruited by top tech like Google and Amazon

Satellite campus - you don't get the exact same experience, CA network might not be as strong as USC, some people might confuse this for an online MBA

Private school with highly dedicated alumni - this could be the most important thing in terms of future employment
Connections in industries such as entertainment (should I ever go that route)
Bi-weekly format - more facetime with class

Not as a high a reputation
Campus visit (to part-time NOT exec program) felt like a lot of junior people with little (to zero) industry/leadership experience. Not a fair comparison but it confused me as to who they let in the program.
Bi-weekly format - it could be hard to get this much time off from work

What are your thoughts?

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May 22, 2018



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