Microsoft vs. BCG

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Hi Everyone!

So I basically have two job offers right now and I have to decide on one very soon. One is from Microsoft in their prestigious Finance Rotation Program and the other is from BCG. Microsoft is paying a decent amount more but the salary isnt that important to me as of now. I talked to some admissions counselors from M7 business schools to get their opinion and they said they view both of these opportunities at the same level. Personally, I kind of want to either go in the corporate development or product management route which Microsofts Finance Rotation Program promotes you to either a Corporate Development Manager or Product Manager in one of these areas after two years. Obviously, BCG is very prestigious consulting firm and probably has better exit opportunities. I'm not quite sure I want to go into Consulting though as of now. I see myself probably going into the FinTech space long term and maybe even at a startup. I would like to get peoples opinions and see what they think. Thanks!

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Sep 5, 2019

If you want to be doing monthly reporting and forecasting to be excel wizzard, microsoft is for you! I spent time in their finance org but hated Corp fin! Excel all day and mind numbing!! Go to consulting, you would land a more bad ass gig post mba

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Sep 14, 2019

The work at BCG is forsure going to be more interesting. I'm not sure about the Microsoft FRP placing you into product management and corporate development, unless I'm mistaken. It might be an option but my understanding is that most people will be placed in corporate finance roles after graduating from the program.

Sep 14, 2019

This is like asking should I take a back office job at a mid-tier firm or a front-office job at a top tier firm.

There'd have to be an extremely drastic personal reason to even consider the Microsoft position over BCG.

Everyone is going to want corporate development after the rotational program is over and they might not even have a single spot. It is by no means guaranteed.


Sep 15, 2019

lmao this is a troll post, right? The obvious answer is Microsoft. MBB is littered with guys who weren't smart enough to cut it at TOP TIER Corporate Finance LDPs. Go with your heart OP!

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Jan 9, 2020

depends what you want to be, in terms of entrepreneur:

MBB-> VC -> (maybe hbs/gsb) -> VC. as a vc associate, sometimes you'll get asked to run the portfolio companies, or at least play a major role --- think Monica, from the show Silicon Valley. ending role would be non-founding CEO

FAANG -> get promoted a few times / eng manager -> become co-founder CTO

(note, pm is a good path too. but thats possible from both faang (obv) and mbb so not worth comparing)

of course, you can always just start your thing whenever, and not follow that. thats just laying out the most traditional path to tech leadership, from both. i personally feel like your chances are better for getting funding as a technical faang'er, going for the co-founder CTO style role. but thats based on absolutely nothing lol

MBB does provide an accelerated boost to upper management in most F500 industries. im not sure its really true anymore for tech tho

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Jan 9, 2020

Still very true..

Half to over half of those in senior management and c-suite positions at the company I interned in product at came from the MBB/top B-school path. Our CEO was also from that path.

Jan 9, 2020