Mid career salary?

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When people compare tech and finance, they always compare starting salaries. How well do they compare about 10 years into the industry? Does finance vastly out perform tech by then?

If anyone knows some sample numbers would be appreciated.

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Feb 5, 2018

Well, it depends.

Are we talking front office, "high finance" stuff and product critical (PM, SWE etc), "top" technology roles? Or Corp Fin at Bob's Burgers & Co HQ, Nebraska and IT help desk at random company in Podunk, ND?

And define mid-career.

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Feb 5, 2018

This is the investment banking forum, *right? ** *

And of course by tech I mean top roles, like at a big 4 tech company.

Mid-career = 10+ years in

Feb 5, 2018

In finance, 10 years in could be:

  • Director/ED in FO at a decent bank ~$500-800k all-in (outliers at over $1m and less than $500k)
  • VP/Principal in PE ~$500k to $1.5m depending on fund size and carry distributions
  • Sr Analyst at a hedge fund ~$500-1m
  • PM at a hedge fund (sky's the limit)

In tech:

  • Senior Staff/Principal level engineer or Director of PM/Group PM, ~$500-800k senior staff, $800k-1m principal/director
  • Co-founder or early employee of a startup ($0 to sky's the limit)

Good to bear in mind this is like ideal, stars align career progression. You're more likely to stall at the senior eng/senior PM level at $300-400k comp than you are to be one of the few % of people at the top of the individual contributor ladder. You're also likely to have burnt out, counseled out or fired from finance well before reaching 10+ years in, average case you get a corp gig at like $200-300k.

Group PM data point:
Director PM data point:
Eng data points (L5 = senior, L6 = staff, L7 = senior staff)

Feb 5, 2018