Mid-market Corp Fin to Capital Markets at JLL/Savills/CBRE?


I've been an analyst in the IBD at a Benelux mid-market Corp Finance team of one of the big local banks in the area, and am considering to move to a different role at a different shop.

I've been invited for an interview for an analyst position in Capital Markets (not valuation) at JLL/Savills/CBRE, and am wondering whether I should consider this. It sounds like less hardcore financial work and much more commercial (something I have learned to enjoy more than hardcore analysis/modeling). Would givee the opportunity to work with some big international investment funds.

From what I've heard from the recruiter and considering my experience, I was told that I would be an analyst for 6-12m to than move quickly to an investment manager role. Pay is good with great uptick in manager role and work-life very good from what I've heard.

As I don't intend to make the classic move towards PE, and would rather move to another bank/public equity fund for an investment sales-like role or keep doing M&A/ECM/DCM for a couple of more years, I am wondering what exactly RE has to offer these days and what the exit opps are after say 3-5y in such a role.

I don't have a lot of affinity yet with RE (worked on a couple ECM transactions in the sector but that is basically it). However I did get the impression this is mostly learned on the job and that lack of experience in the field was definitely not a deal-breaker.

Inclined to not pursue due to the fact that I'm not convinced that RE might be the perfect sector for me.

Any advice? How do the following rank: JLL/CBRE/Savills

Thanks in advance!

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Feb 17, 2020
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