Middle Market FO or MS/GS Treasury job offers

I have already accepted an offer at a regional MM as an analyst in their healthcare IB division. It is a great group, I really enjoyed meeting everyone and their culture is one in which I definitely see my self succeeding in. I was recently contacted about a first round interview for a position in Corporate Treasury for MS/GS and wanted some advice on best career move. Should I decline the interview with GS/MS and continue on the front office IB path, or continue the interview process for MS/GS, in a more middle office role?

I appreciate the help. The decision has been racking my brain because they are two different roles with two very different companies and I have already accepted the MM IB offer. I am concerned about exit opportunities, compensation, etc.

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Some people would kill for a FO IB gig, stay at the MM.


If you want to work in treasury, I'd think that working at a place like JPM or WF would be a lot more interesting. Both GS and MS have relatively small balance sheets.


If by FO at an MM, you mean MM IB, then absolutely go with the MM. The experience will be hands down more marketable and more valuable than working back office for a few years in terms of BB IB, or PE/VC later.

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Front office MM. Do not even think about going with back office BB


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