Middle Market PE: Time from office interview to offer

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Last week I was interviewed by a middle market PE fund. It was a smaller firm with about 10-15 employees. I networked with a VP for about 8 months prior to my office interview. Before my visit I was interviewed over the phone by another VP and then invited to the office at the end of the call. During my office interview I met multiple employees of the firm including one of the 2 Managing Partners. At the start of my office visit my planned living situation in the city was discussed as well as what I hoped to gain exposure to over the summer. All interviews in person at the office were not technical and seemed completely fit based. I made sure to bring a list of thoughtful questions that displayed my knowledge of the firm, the industries its portfolio companies operate within and the firms investment strategy.

After the interview was over I made sure to thank the MP for having me in and sent out follow up emails to all interviewers. Minutes later I received a note back from the MP thanking me for coming out but nothing specific was said regarding next steps. It is now 4 business days and I have been left in the dark. Including with the VP I have established a relationship with.

I was anticipating an offer at the end of the interview. Now I am questioning if I will receive one at all. Would be great if anyone could lend insight on how/when to follow up and the time table to take no news a bad news or consider no word back as a rejection? The anxiety is driving me crazy!

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Feb 20, 2020

As many others have said, wait 7 business days before gently following up. And follow up every two weeks after that (if you dont get a response) until you do.

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Feb 21, 2020