Middle Office switch to University Endowment Analyst

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I currently work for the world's largest Custody Bank. I am in an accelerated college recruit program at this bank. I specifically work in a Project Management/Change Management role for a Projects group that is embedded to a Middle Office Securities Trading Processing Team (Trade Capture).

I am looking to break into a different area of Finance. There currently is an entry level Financial Analyst role available at a local prestigious University's endowment fund. I am not sure if I am qualified, or what I can do to better prepare myself.

In college, I was part of our highly ranked Business School's investment association group that invested with a 7 Million dollar fund. I have done online training classes through Coursera that essentially seemed like what you would learn as a major/minor in Finance at an undergraduate business school. I obviously have a pretty deep knowledge in the securities trading market due to the current role that I am in, but I have never had tangible experience in Finance heavy modeling and valuation.

Do you think that I have a shot at this job? What classes/certifications or other activities should I be doing to show that I can hit the ground running at this role with the University Endowment?

All serious feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Aug 6, 2019

Also, I was a Marketing Major in Undergrad with a Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Aug 14, 2019