Military Background, Starting MBA at 30 with goal to break into finance

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I am currently at a crossroads in that I can stay doing a job related to what I did in the military for 5 years or go a completely different direction and enroll in the MBA program I've been accepted to (top 10 program). My goal is to get a finance job, I know I need to narrow it down more than that but I'm open to anything now. My main concern is my age. I will be 30 by the time I martriculate with zero prior finance background. I'm wondering if the odds will be stacked against me to the point where I'm better off not going for an MBA at all. Thank you for any input you have.

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Jan 7, 2019

Hey Noctus, I'm the WSO Monkey Bot and I'm here since nobody responded to your thread! Bummer...could just be time of day or unlucky (or the question/topci is too vague or too specific). Maybe one of these topics will help:

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I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

Jan 9, 2019