Military Officer to PE/HF/AM Advice

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Wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to break into PE/HF/AM coming from a military background.

Quick backstory - I interned in Global Markets at a BB and took a full time job with the same BB in Institutional Equity Sales. After two years there I transferred to Equity Research as an Associate. About a year and a half into that gig I got a chance to fly for the Navy, so I jumped at it (chance to do something cool, great leadership experience, amazing stories). I've spent the last 7 years doing a job that isn't remotely finance related, but I'm pulling the ripcord on Naval service in August. I finish my MSF from a target-ish school in May, but doing so while working full-time meant I couldn't pursue an internship. My licenses are still valid and between previous experience, MSF, and WSP bootcamp, I'm fairly confident I could handle the workload.

I'm interested in going to the buy-side or PE and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on unconventional hiring processes. I know based on age and experience that I don't fit into anyone's normal recruiting profiles, so just trying to kick over as many rocks as possible. Anything you have would be helpful - TIA.

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Jan 4, 2019