MiM Choice: MSc Management (Bocconi) VS. CEMS MIM (UCD Smurfit)

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Hi There,

I plan to start a MiM next year and I have shortlisted two offers I got:
- MSc in Management at Bocconi
- CEMS MIM MSc in International Management at UCD Smurfit

In case I was admitted for the MSc in International Management at Bocconi, my decision would have been made in a few seconds. I'd rather go to Milan and Bocconi.

However, the CEMS MIM offer at Smurfit may sound more attractive than the MSc in Management when thinking about the program itself, which makes my decision a bit more difficult. Additionally, I don't find a lot of reviews or rankings for the Bocconi MSc in Management so I feel a bit lost regarding its placement and competitive position.

Any advise about that?

Thank for your answers!

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Jun 8, 2018

Bocconi is a better name than UCD and unless you land Bocconi, HEC or LSE in your CEMS exchange, I think you're better off going for the long run to Bocconi. Plus, the Bocconi MiM is 2 years and you can do an exchange to good schools such as RSM, HEC and HSG St. Gallen which add some international experience.

Jun 8, 2018

Thanks for answering!
Yes, I know Bocconi is more recognized than UCD, yet the CEMS is well recognized and I wonder how the Bocconi MSc Management is positioned in comparison since I don't find opinions or rankings for this program.


Jun 8, 2018

MSc in Management generally is not MUCH different from MSc International Management so gauge reputation in a similar way. Although CEMS is well known, most of the time they take into account the main school you went to in order to do CEMS. I have friends from Prague School of Economics, Corvinus Business School and SGH Warsaw who did CEMS; they went to better schools for their exchanges but the name of their main university stuck out and made it harder to compete with those who had HEC, LSE or Bocconi as home universities when competing for international markets like London.

Don't get me wrong, many of the CEMS schools are very good, but their strength is heavily skewed towards their home country e.g. SGH Warsaw is top in Poland but not great throughout Europe.

Jun 8, 2018

Agree with this, CEMS is a nice add-on but most likely won't fill the reputational gap you have between 1st tier schools of the network and the others (considering a top tier one without CEMS and a not-top tier with). I also had to face a very similar choice some years ago.

It is also true that some corporate partners have reserved quotas for the CEMS kids, but you will usually be able to land the same positions also without being part of the program if you're going to a top school.

Regarding MSc in Management vs IM at Bocconi, to be honest job prospects and curriculum are the same. The only tangible difference is you will have more exchange/DD slots available per capita in the latter. And only Bocconi alumni 30yo or below know the difference in selectivity between the two.

Jun 11, 2018

Thanks both of you for your comments! I actually share your opinions. The only thing that added value for UCD in my view was that it is currently ranked 15th in the FT ranking, which is actually quite good. This is why I was hesitating, but Bocconi's advantages obviously overweigh this ranking.


Jun 11, 2018