Missed a teleconference interview - Am I in the wrong ?

So of the 3/3 times I've been interviewed by JPMorgan it was a caller from city A because I'm in city A. on my interview confirmation message it said :

Your interview for Analyst 1st Year (Program Analyst) - Middle Market Banking & Specialized Industries - Technology Banking Group- City A, 170087051

So three assumptions here naturally in the mind:
message title says City A
all three last interviews for the same city's office.

However I got a call from the people who were supposed to be interviewing me who were 1 hour ahead saying we had to reschedule since I missed the window. I later looked at the fine print and it said ET (Eastern Time) on the interview confirmation message.

So the timing they listed was right - it was just my past experiences and wrong assumptions that got me. Is this a big deal ?

The man on the other side didn't seem angry or upset. He sounded indifferent. He's off the hook for spending time with me and it's my future anyhow. So I don't know if he was really disappointed.

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Oct 11, 2017

Everything is in Eastern Time. You made a mistake = no big deal. You made it 3 times in a row = big deal.

Oct 11, 2017

Can't say for certain that your chances are a 100% dead but this type of mistake is def not a good look on your part. Thorough attention to detail is very important.

I once got dinged for a job cause I showed up on the wrong day for an interview. It was 100% their fault, and I showed them the calendar invite proving as much. Didn't matter.

Oct 11, 2017