Missouri Medical Cannabis Dispensary Angel Opportunity

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Hi everyone,

For those unaware, Missouri is in the midst of starting its medical cannabis program with applications due August and the rollout expected in 2020. My business partner and I are in the midst of closing up the necessary resources and team members to submit a successful application and we're very close to securing the capital needed to build out the dispensaries (contingent on licenses being granted).

One of the last remaining major items to address is the upfront capital needed to properly file and submit the application which if you include lawyer fees, consultants, and architects should sum to ~$150k. If anyone is interested or would know someone interested in participating in this, please feel free to DM me. At the same time, I also just love talking to people interested in the cannabis space so if you're interested in learning about licensing dynamics and even the Missouri market specifically, I'm open to chatting too.


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Jun 6, 2019