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Apparently Mitch Julis, co-founder of Canyon Partners, wrote a book awhile back entitled "Beyond Graham and Dodd: A Multi-asset, Multi-strategy Approach to Value Investing". However, I had never once heard about this book (until today). I cannot seem to find any copies available for purchase-- nothing on Amazon or used book stores online. There seem to be only two libraries, one in Alaska and California, that hold the book. I guess it's possible the book sucked and was in and out of print in a matter of months, but I'm more willing to bet, just based on what I know about Julis, that this could be a hidden gem, a treasure trove of investment wisdom. 

Has anyone ever heard of this book / know anything about it? 

Update: it turns out that this book was never actually published. Not sure if it's all written and just never pushed through, or if it was cancelled before completion. Unfortunate. I would pay serious money for a transcript (in case any of you work at Canyon and have access to Mitch's computer)

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