MM M&A boutique to land a job in London

Hello fellow monkeys,

How do you evaluate an experience in a MM M&A boutique in a big city in Italy in order to break into London's job market?

I mean, in case of failure of my London's applications

This will be my first work experience in M&A/corporate finance/Restructuring.


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Nov 26, 2017 - 5:36am

Hi Real Marcus Halberstram, check out these links:

  • Many Blackstone M&A bankers expected to depart ahead of spin off to Taubman working in Blackstone Group LP's mergers and acquisitions advisory arm may leave as the business is ... others have lost out to people doing similar jobs at Taubman's PJT Capital LP, the sources said. ... Blackstone agreed last October to spin off its advisory operations in the second half of this year into a new ...
  • My journey from no-name boutique to PE MF While interning I was still applying to M&A jobs in the UK, through networking I got some interviews ... this world, in the meantime I took level 1 of the CFA and I decided to apply to M&A jobs in my ... country and thanks to some luck I got an analyst job at a small unknown boutique. The pay was rath
  • Investment Banking Analyst: A True Day in the Life boutiques pay better than boutiques and middle market firms. More detailed compensation information in the ... finance all together to work in that industry. Elite Boutique Lifestyle, Compensation, and More Elite ... boutiques are similar to boutiques in that they don't offer full financ
  • Cass Business School, #1 in London, #3 in UK, #12 in Europe and consistently moving up the rankings!! Before starting my masters, I spent 3-months working in Mergers & Acquisitions at a Global Investment ... entities-Financial knowledge with respect to capital markets Developing strengths in these areas, hopefully will ... companies and the market, in the hope of adding to the value creation process. My career ambitions are to
  • I need some advice to land a job in private equity courses than M&A should i choose between these so i can have a better chance to land a job in P/E and ... improve my chances to get a job in a private equity firm? I'm already searching for an internship to ... be my case): Corporate Governance Mergers and Acquisitions Practical History of Financial Markets
  • Is there any good Book on Past Mergers and Acquisition- Successful and Unsuccessful real deals Hi fellow monkeys, I am looking to read stories and accounts of past mergers and acquisition deals ... (past 2-3 decades). On Amazon and other websites, I only find technical books 'how to do merger and ... sector, I would like to know about them so that when I have opportunity to choose a sector in IB, I would ...
  • Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions (Wiley Finance) in accounting and finance with a high GPA. I am looking to increase my understanding of Investment ... Banking to potentially increase my marketability for positions. I have chosen to purchase "Investment ... Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions (Wiley Finance)" the 2nd edition ...
  • I worked on the Amazon / Whole Foods acquisition - AMA! Hi WSO! Since the Amazon /Whole Foods acquisition seems to be the "hot topic of the ... department head) at our location in Portland, and was amongst one of the first people to hear about the deal ... whole foods Merger acquisition ...
  • More suggestions...

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Dec 11, 2017 - 8:48am

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