I am having a somewhat unique interview process and I am hoping some of you can shed some light on it and what I can expect moving forward.

I am currently working in an emerging market for a big 4 CF team. I am moving back to New York next week and am applying to associate roles in MM IB. A friend of a friend put me in contact with a director at a middle market bank in new york who is hiring for an associate position in their M&A industry. Sent CV to them and immediately replied back that someone on their team would call me. I had a call with a VP this week which went well (some FIT questions and then some basic techincal competency stuff ). VP said they would follow up. Today the VP e-mailed saying what was my availability for a call with the same original director I e-mailed with.

I guess I am just surprised by how informal the process has been so far... so my two questions are the following:
1. Should I expect the same thing from the Director, Fit and Technical?
2. Is this like the final check before they invite me in for a full day of interviews? The Director
cant offer me the role without me interviewing in person with MDs etc right?

Thanks, any perspective is appreciated!!!