MM PE Analyst Questions

A position is offered for a firm with a vintage fund of around ~250M. Recruiter got into contact and said an analyst position was being explored. Firm has a founder, 2 principals, 2 associates, and a lot of operational partners. Said the role was a lot of financial modeling with sourcing (called it 'thematic' sourcing as the fund is geared towards one industry so I got the impression it was a good bit of research into possible sources).

Also said the position was for 2 years with possibility of promotion for good performance as their next fund is being raised at that time. If not, they would be willing to write positive references and help me lateral to another MM PE shop.

For the veterans here, does this sound like a good opportunity? What are some questions I should ask to really get some specifics during the next round of interviews (already done 2 over the phone).

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Feb 8, 2019